Karen Rance Photography

I am the sole trader of my business. I personally contact each and everyone of my clients and keep updated on regular basis both before and after the photography day/session. I offer various packages and services for each specific needs/custom to try to reach all budgets. As previously mentioned I offer the following services; weddings, corporate, events, still life, food, and city/landscape photography. For wedding photography I try to not interfere too much with my clients or their guests, and take photos in documentary style to capture each special moment with maximum effect and less impact from a pushy photographer. I integrate with guests as much as I can as though I'm a guest myself, but also like to capture 'in the moment' unique stories. In fact apart from gigs, and obviously food etc. I tend to use the same concept when doing events too. These days many people seem to prefer the modern approach and true life shots, rather than staged and posed ones - as you can
guarantee at least one person will have their eye's shut or be yawning etc. By takin pure and natural photos you capture the sheer beautiful magical moments of the day and watch a story unfold.